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Soup on Sunday

Anyone else sick of the cold?

I sometimes can’t believe that I went to college at Appalachian State University where is was freezing for most of the year. However, maybe that’s the reason that now… I hate the cold.

We are in the thick of winter, and while weather in NC is always unpredictable, and we’re currently experiencing oddly warm weather right now… I have no doubt, we’ll have another cold spurt before Spring is here.

One of the only good things I can say about the cold weather… It gives me more of an excuse to eat soup. I always forget how much I love soup until I have one that just makes me say, “WOW.”

There are a few soups I’ve tried around Charlotte that make these cold months just a little easier. Here are my favorites.

1.) French Onion Soup at 300 East


2.) #2 at Pho Ha



3.) Ramen at Silverlake Ramen (Does Ramen count as soup? Whatever… this is my list)


4.) Tomato Soup at Papi Queso

5.) Chili at Lupies Cafe