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382830 03: An informational notice regarding replacement ground beef hangs near a food cooler at a Cub Foods grocery store December 4, 2000 in Niles, IL. The nation''s tenth-largest retail supermarket chain, SuperValu Inc., has voluntarily recalled ground beef products from Cub Foods stores and other markets in the Midwest for possible E. coli contamination after at least 22 people reported becoming ill, the U.S. Agriculture Department (USDA) reported. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Newsmakers)

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I have to throw away food. It can be hard to buy the perfect amount of food, and eat it all before it goes bad.

I feel like in my fridge, it’s usually the vegetables, or citruses that go bad the most. I always have to throw out bad limes, or wilted lettuce. While there are all types of tips and tricks to help you keep your food stored, longer, it also might help to know which foods are the worst when it comes to going to waste.

HelloFresh recently conducted a new survey where they looked at the foods people are throwing away the most before using them. They also found in the survey that the average respondent spent around $248 per week on groceries. YIKES!

Here are the most wasted groceries in America.