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392957 03: (FILE PHOTO) A shark swims in a tank at the New York Aquarium August 7, 2001 in Coney Island, New York City. Florida''s Pasco county issued a shark warning August 14, 2001 after hundreds of sharks were spotted schooling off the coast near a popular beach area.

Memorial Day weekend is this weekend, and many people will take the long weekend as an opportunity to head to the beach. If you’re planning on heading to the beach, however; you may want to be on the lookout for sharks off the coast.

According to OCEARCH, several great white sharks have been pinged off the Carolina coast ahead of the busy Memorial Day weekend.

If you’ve never heard of OCEARCH, it’s pretty cool.

You can track a bunch of sharks, and they even have names, and info about their size, and weight.

Currently, there a few sharks that are swimming around the Carolina coast, including a 9 foot female, an 11 foot tiger shark, and an 8 foot tiger shark. While these sharks are still quite a bit off from the land, it’s important to check and be on the lookout if you plan on being in the area of the coast this weekend.

Stay safe, and have a happy Memorial Day weekend!