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What a unique and hilarious way to serve your wedding guests a fun snack.

A bride and groom from the U.K. are making waves online for their unique touch to their wedding. The couple, Phillip and Michelle O’Mahony had to reschedule their wedding plans twice due to COVID. When the day did finally come, they wanted to do something fun, while still staying on a budget.

They served their guests a wall of potato chips! The picture ended up going viral on Twitter, and people praised the couple for their idea.

Now listen, I know this might not be for everyone, but I think it is so cute!

I’ve been to so many weddings over the past few years, and it seems like everyone is trying so hard to be fancy. Not to mention, the prices for everything have gone up so much, it’s just ridiculous. Sometimes I feel as though the personality of the couple is not featured in the weddings I’ve been to, and that’s why I love this idea. It’s different, and fun, and I guarantee nobody was complaining about having some chips after a long night of dancing!