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We may all be able to just pull out our phones, and use an app to find our way around these days, but it wasn’t always that simple. I always joke that I’m terrible at direction, but if I’m being honest, it’s not really a joke. I’ve always been bad at directions. I can remember being a little girl riding bikes, and I would always get lost in my very own neighborhood. Boy, was that embarrassing!

It’s now become my motto on road trips with my close friends and family when I’m driving. “It’s not a road trip till you turn around at least once” just analyzed which states struggle the most with direction in the last 12 months. To analyze, they looked at how often different areas were searching for directions.

North Carolina came in at 23rd place overall, but some cities were better than other when it came to their sense of direction.

Here are the North Carolina cities that have the worst sense of direction, and where Charlotte falls on that list.