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I’ve only had a real cheesesteak a few times in my life, so when I found out about this local popup business I knew I wanted to try it.

My boyfriend is actually the one who first told me about Cheat’s Cheesesteaks. The pop-up cheesesteak restaurant has been doing “pop up” events since November of 2020, and selling out their cheesesteaks left and right.

I stopped by one of their pop-ups a few weeks ago at Resident Culture, and it was as glorious as it looked. Since then, I’ve been following them on their Instagram to figure out where they will be next, but not for long.





Cheat’s Cheesesteak Parlor is opening a brick and mortor location this summer in Plaza Midwood. The location will be at 913 Pecan Avenue, and the restaurant will have a take-out window only with orders taken on site and online, eventually adding delivery too. With the store opening, the menu will also expand to include options like cold and hot Italian hoagies, breakfast rolls, plus soft serve ice cream.

Needless to say, I am EXCITED!