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North Carolina, like a lot of the rest of the world is still on lockdowns since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic. While some retail stores are still open in North Carolina, is it really safe to go shopping, and try on clothes right now?

I’ve been doing tons of online shopping since March but when it comes to clothes, I have not had the best luck with online shopping. With that being said, I’m still not sure I feel comfortable going into stores, and especially trying on clothes yet.

If it safe to try on clothes in stores?

According to William Lang,¬†director at the concierge medicine practice¬†WorldClinic, fabrics do not hold onto the virus for very long but since we are still learning new things about this virus everyday, it’s had to give a definite answer.

The biggest risk you have being in stores is if another customer coughs, sneezes or talks near you and the droplets hit you.

Stores are taking different approaches to how their dealing with coronavirus; some are cleaning the fitting rooms more often, while others have the fitting rooms closed.

So basically the answer is… It should be safe… but we don’t REALLY know. GREAT.. haha