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Tour: The Denim & Rhinestones Tour Dates: Feb. 2-Mar. 17 Guests/Opening acts: Jimmie Allen

Carrie Underwood is on her massive Denim & Rhinestones Tour right now, and recently had a stop in Charlotte. As it turns out, she ended up leaving Charlotte with another family member.

Pawsitive Impact Dog Rescue came by Spectrum Center before the show, to brighten everyone’s day, and Carrie ended up falling in love with one of the dogs that was available for adoption.

According to WCNC, Carrie Underwood had been looking to adopt, and when she met this puppy, it was love at first site.

She ended up adopting the dog, and named it Charlotte (nickname Charlie), after the city she found her in.

How sweet!

Now Carrie Underwood will always have a special tie to Charlotte.


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