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Nobody likes mosquitoes. You can do everything possible to try to avoid the insects, but you’ll always end up with a few itchy bites in those warmer months.

The more we’ve learned, we’ve discovered mosquitoes are more attracted to certain things.  Could these things spell out why you’re getting bitten so much? Maybe.

A new study by Nature Communications, tracked the patterns of mosquitoes, and found that certain colors are more attractive than others to mosquitoes.

Red, orange, black, or cyan colors attracted the most mosquitoes. In contrast, mosquitoes were more likely to ignore green, blue, and purple tones.

Overall, red seems to be the color that mosquitoes are the most attracted to. According to Nancy Troyano, Director of Operations Education and Training with Ehrlich Pest Control, “when light interacts with human skin, regardless of skin pigmentation, it reflects a reddish color.”

While this experiment was all about mosquitoes being attracted to one color, there are many reasons mosquitoes might be attracted to you. So, before you give up your red clothes in the warmer months, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be safe from those pesky mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are one of the worst parts about the warmer months, and while it might be a stretch, I’ll do anything to try and keep them away. This summer, you can find me in lots of greens, blues, and purples.