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Valentine’s Day is coming up, and like many holidays, Valentine’s Day can definitely get expensive. Whether you are doing crafts with the kids, trying to decorate your home for the holiday, or making the perfect DIY present for your significant other, the prices of supplies can get up there. Luckily, I am a budget queen, and always like to find some low-budget way to celebrate holidays. All the same amount of fun and spirit, for way less!

When I was a kid, Valentine’s Day used to be one of my favorite holidays at school; getting to make your mailbox, and write all your valentines to your classmates was so much fun. As we get older, the expectation for Valentine’s Day continues to go up, and up, and it can get a bit overwhelming.

If you are looking for some fun, and cheap ways to celebrate the upcoming holiday, you’ve come to the right place! Did you know there are plenty of crafts and Valentine’s day DIY’s you can make with supplies from the Dollar Store? The Dollar Sore really has become my haven for holidays. Inflation is hitting the country hard, and it seems silly to be spending so much on holidays when we’re all just trying to get by, but the dollar store can give you the same amount of fun, at a price that you don’t have to feel bad about.

Here are some Dollar store DIY ideas you can try this Valentine’s Day, whether it’s with your significant other, your kids, or your friends.