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As someone who is newly engaged, choosing a wedding date for us was not very difficult. We knew we wanted to either get married in the Fall or Spring, and venue availability, or lack-there-of, made it pretty easy for us to choose our date. We chose what was open! But for some people, choosing a wedding date can be a big deal.

The University of Melbourne recently did a study on which days are the best and worst to get married on. They found that couple who get married on “special dates” were much more likely to divorce than those that chose random days.

Wedding celebrated on Valentine’s Day, or symmetrical numbers, like 9/9/99 or 2/22/22, were 10 to 36% more likely to end up in divorce than those weddings that occurred on random dates.

Why though?


Well, researchers say that those who chose “special” days had different circumstances; it was their 2nd marriage, the couple has less in common, or the couple was already pregnant when getting married.

Another study by WalesOnline, revealed the worst day of the week to get married is on Thursday. 16% of the marriages that took place on Thursday ended in a divorce.

Luckily, my fiance and I did not choose a “special” day (unless you cound 4/20 a holiday…). We are also getting married on a Saturday, so no worries here!