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It’s Christmas time, and one of my favorite parts of Christmas are all the amazing family traditions. It’s always fun to see families different traditions, and as I get older, I want to start my own traditions.

From sending Christmas cards, to baking cookies, to the “pickle” on the Christmas tree, there are so many traditions to pick from, and it had me wondering, which traditions are the most common.

Better Homes & Gardens just released a list of some of the most common Christmas traditions, and these are how they ranked them:

  1. Advent Calendars

  2. Sending out Christmas cards

  3. Christmas Dinner

  4. Baking Cookies

  5. Hanging Christmas Lights

  6. Building a Gingerbread House

  7. Reading Christmas books

  8. Tour Christmas displays

  9. Going Christmas caroling

  10. Opening one present on Christmas Eve

  11. Setting out milk and cookies for Santa