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These are now Cheugy. Avoid them, but I will most likely still wear them.

Ever been shopping, see something you love, but you REALLY don’t feel like having to try it on.

Especially after COVID, I feel like I never really go into fitting rooms anymore. We’re all used to ordering online, and everything being to convenient, that the thought of having to take the time to try something on, and make sure that it fits is just not appealing.

Well luckily, there is a new hack that is going viral on Tik Tok that has everyone freaking out!

If you want to know if a pair of pants will fit you or not, without having to try them on, you can do this simple hack, and know in a few seconds.

According to the hack, if you wrap the pants around your neck, and the sides barely touch, they are the perfect size.


I won’t lie, when I first saw this hack, I thought for sure is was a hoax. How on earth could that be real? But then I saw a video of a woman who is a size 16 try it, and it worked for her. Now… I’m a believer.

Unfortunately, my biggest issue in stores is finding pants that are LONG enough, not wide enough and I haven’t found  hack for that yet. But this is definitely a useful trick to use next time you go shopping!

All The Foods That Are In Season For Summer 2022

My boyfriend and I are planning on going to the farmers market in Charlotte this weekend, but when we were putting together a list of what we might want to get, we both stopped to think; what’s in season right now.

I can’t believe I’ve been on this Earth for nearly 30 years, and I still have to google, “What’s in season” a few times a year.

There is nothing quite like a perfectly grown, in season fruit or vegetable. So, if you’re trying to figure out what you should be making, and what tastes the freshest right now, this is for you.

Here’s a list of fruits and veggies that are in season right now, through September! I found this list on