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The days of moving far away from home after school are not the same, at least for millennials.

A new study found that the majority of millennials are choosing not to move too far away from home.

I remember when I was a little girl, I always dreamed about living in a big city like NYC. I thought that’s what I wanted to do until I was in high-school and actually visited New York…. I changed my mind after that. Even after that revalation, I never was opposed to moving away from home. That came to fruition when I graduated college. My first full time job offer was in Springfield, Missouri. I was 13 hours away from home for about 2 and 1/2 years. The funny part is, it made me realize, I really like North Carolina… I don’t want to be far from my friends and family here. Plus, you can’t beat having mountains, a big city or two, and the beach all in one state.

It seems like a lot of millennials have the same feelings as I do when it comes to living closer to home.

Harvard University researchers, and the U.S. Census Bureau helped find some common trends among millennials, and this one was a bit surprising.

The study found that by age 26 more than two-thirds of young adults in the U.S. lived in the same area where they grew up, 80% had moved less than 100 miles away and 90% resided less than 500 miles away.

For those who did move away from home, these were the most popular areas where young people moved:

  • New York

  • Los Angeles

  • Washington

  • Denver

I have to admit, it would take a lot at this point for me to want to leave Charlotte. I love it here, and the fact that it’s the same state I grew up in, and I have so many memories, only makes it more appealing to me.

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