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How far would you go if someone didn’t show up to your wedding?

A Chicago couple is in the news now for their decision to charge their guests who decided not to come to their wedding.

Before you start reacting, here’s the full story:

This particular couple had a destination wedding, and only sent invoices to those people who RSVP’d that they would be there for the wedding, only to not show up on the big day itself. They are calling it the “no call, no show” invoice.

An editor for HuffPost posted the invoice screenshot on his twitter last week, and that’s when the internet got to debating; is it ridiculous, or is the could justified?


I feel very torn about this scenario…  I would personally never go so far as to actually charge my friends, but I do see how it is wrong to say you will be there for the Wedding and just not show up. Weddings are extremely expensive and usually meals are paid for by number of people, so it definitely puts the newlyweds out more money if you decide not to show up last minute and then the food is wasted…

Regardless, I would think any friend that didn’t have a serious emergency and just missed your wedding, or any friend that would charge you for missing your wedding are probably not friends you will have for long.