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The hard seltzer craze may have just gone too far.

White Claws first came out in 2016, and ever since then, we’ve seen tons of different flavors of hard seltzer coming out.

Well, if you didn’t get enough hot dogs on 4th of July, you can now try the new hot dog flavored hard seltzer’s that are coming out.

Martin House Brewing Company, based in Fort Worth, Texas is to blame, or maybe thank, depending on how you look at it… for the new seltzer flavor.

The flavor is named “Bun Length,” and will be¬†available on draft at the brewery, and in cans.

Now, why anyone would want a hot dog flavored hard seltzer is beyond me… but I’m sure many people will try it just to say they did.

After looking through the instagram page of¬†Martin House Brewing Company, if seems like this is their “thing” to come out with unique flavors.