The setlist for the tour of the year, Taylor Swift The Eras Tour, consists of 44 songs but when you have a discography as vast as Taylor’s there are still a lot of songs she doesn’t get to sing. That’s why for several tours now Taylor has had the tradition of surprise songs a track that isn’t on the nightly setlist but she sings acoustic. The Eras Tour has two such songs coming near the end of the 3+ hour show. Fans keep track and tune into live streams each night to see what song gets performed. Only once, 3.5 months into the tour has she repeated a song. That was Clean the closing track on Swift’s 2015 album 1989. So needless to say Taylor has performed a lot of songs on The Eras Tour. But if you’re keeping track of what the secret songs may be on your tour stop, here’s a list of the songs she has yet to sing on The Eras Tour.

Surprise Songs Update

And there are still some good ones! I’m writing this in June following the Chicago dates this weekend, though I will update weekly and remove that week’s songs. At this point, only two tracks from reputation have been sung. If rep is your favorite album you’re in luck. Folklore and 1989 fans? We only have a few tracks left from these albums. I’ve lost most of my dream surprise songs. Though throughout the years I’ve seen Taylor 17 times and gotten some fantastic surprise songs. I’ve also heard the vast majority of her pre-Lover discography live. So my dream songs were all ones I haven’t heard live before. Excluding Tim McGraw which I (unknowingly thanks to avoiding spoilers) lost the night before my first show.

My Personal Hardest Losses

The one that hurt the most was You’re On Your Own Kid followed by Better Man, The Moment I Knew, Mirrorball, and Mad Woman. Of the, still numerous, songs left You’re Losing Me and Cornelia Street are my top choices. I expect to lose both of those this weekend as 24 hours after I declared You’re On Your Own Kid my wish, we lost that one. I say this like I have tickets to another date, though I’m hoping to make it to one more before August. What’s your dream Taylor Swift surprise song? Is it one of the songs Taylor Swift has yet to sing on The Eras Tour? See the complete list album by album below.

  • Taylor Swift (Debut Album)

    Released in 2006.

  • Mary's Song (Oh My My My)

    While never in concert, we do have one live recording of Mary’s Song.

  • A Perfectly Good Heart

  • Fearless (Taylor's Version)

    Originally released in 2008 Taylor re-released the Taylor’s Version of Fearless in 2021. Fearless marked her first Grammy for Album of The Year an award she was won twice since, and catapulted her to fame with hit’s Love Story and You Belong Me. Her first headlining tour was in support of this album, and the rest is history.

  • The Way I Loved You

  • Change

    This is just about the only song I hope doesn’t get played- for entirely selfish reasons. She has only sung it I believe once since the night this video was taken, and the reason she played it this night was because of me. It was the biggest surprise and one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. The story of why is one that will stay with me, but while she didn’t say it in this speech she has confirmed to me that I was why. So while this song means the absolute world me to, I’m good with never hearing it live again, and I’d ike it to remain a not often played track selfishly.

  • Superstar

    Never Performed Live

    Give me a photograph to hang on my wall, superstar. Another Fearless Platinum Edition track that hasn’t been performed live. But one I will always love and would be thrilled if it was a surprise song one of my shows.

  • We Were Happy

    Never Performed Live

  • That's When

    Never Performed Live

  • Don't You

    Never Performed Live

  • Bye Bye Baby

    Never Performed Live

  • Speak Now

    Released October 25, 2012 Speak Now Taylor’s Version is the next album Taylor will release on July 7th. Oddly there is only one Speak Now track on the permanent Eras Tour Setlist- Enchanted.

  • Foolish One

  • RED Taylor's Version

    2012 graced us with the original Red album, and ten years later we heard RED Taylor’s Version. This era gave us massive pop hits I Knew You Were Trouble and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, but it also gave us All Too Well and later All Too Well 10 Minute Version very likely the best track Taylor has ever released.

  • Girl At Home

    Never Performed Live

  • Ronan

    Don’t expect this heartbreaking track to be performed live again. She has performed it once since this night, when Ronan’s mom was in attendance at a show. But has elected not to perform it since.

  • Babe

  • Forever Winter

    Never Performed Live

  • Run

    Never Performed Live

  • 1989

    Taylor’s first full-blown pop album was a massive success earning her her second Album of The Year and proving the then 25-year-old could do it all. It was released in 2015.

    As of 8/9 Taylor has sung every song from this album

  • reputation

    Perhaps since it was the last album Taylor toured in support of, but 2017’s reputation has had the least surprise songs sung from it of any album. At the initial publishing of this article, just two songs have been performed. Though several are on the actual setlist. I was oddly enough in attendance for the first reputation surprise song, which was over a month into the tour- Gorgeous in Atlanta on April 29th.

  • I Did Something Bad

  • Lover

    2019’s Lover never got its true moment to shine as Loverfest was canceled due to the pandemic. It serves as the opening of the Eras Tour but there are still so many songs I personally want to experience live. As this album and the ones to follow never got a full tour to support them, many of the following songs have never been performed live before.

  • London Boy

  • Soon You'll Get Better

    Taylor said she’d never perform this song live as it was too painful, but she did perform it this one time. Don’t expect it to be a surprise song on this or any future tours though.

  • It's Nice To Have A Friend

  • Folklore

    Every track on this surprise album Taylor dropped in the middle of the pandemic, has technically been performed live (at least we have live versions) at the Folklore Long Pond Studio Sessions. But special note will be made of the songs not performed for a crowd before.

  • Epiphany

    Never Performed For A Live Audience

  • Peace

    Never Performed For A Live Audience

  • Hoax

    Never Performed For A Live Audience

  • Evermore

    The sister album to Folklore came in December 2020 again as a surprise release.

  • Happiness

    Never Performed Live

  • Long Story Short

  • Closure

    Never Performed Live

  • Midnights (3am Edition) And Other Tracks

    Taylor’s latest release, and the one I’m most excited to hear tracks from. My heart broke losing You’re On Your Own Kid but I’m holding out hope of You’re Losing Me on my yet to be determined next Eras show.

  • Paris

    Never Performed Live

  • Glitch

    Never Performed Live

  • Other Random Songs

    With I Don’t Wanna Live Forever making the cut in Chicago, there are now more song possibilities these are below. I did not include duets that are featured on another artists album though they are also possibilities.

    – Crazier

    -Eyes Open

    -Only The Young


    -Beautiful Ghosts


    -Beautiful Eyes

    -I Heart ?

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