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If there is one thing (besides dominating the music industry) Taylor Swift does its leave “easter eggs” for her fans. And if there is one thing Taylor Swift fans do it’s try to decipher those easter eggs and usually, that means getting too deep and being wrong. But this newest theory and the potential easter eggs surrounding it, make so much sense. It’s that Taylor Swift will be releasing a book. And yes, I’ve been convinced of plenty of fan theories before that never materialized. If you know about 5 holes in the fence, you know.

Though the stars did seem to align Friday night when Taylor announced her next recording Speak Now will be dropping on July 7th. The star had been dropping hints for over a year that Speak Now was next, and fans have been expecting the announcement for a while now. But when the pedestrian bridge in Nashville was set to light purple (the color representing Speak Now) and the light-up bracelets flashed purple three times before the show started (Speak Now was Taylor’s third album and will be the third rerelease) I just knew. And then it happened. But the focus of this is what happened after. This is where the potential Taylor Swift book comes into play. And it circles back to the Speak Now announcement.

Here’s the evidence and why fans think Taylor Swift is releasing a book, and why I’m cautiously convinced it’s true.

  • The Speak Now Announcement Post

    I want to highlight one phrase in this post, “Dear Reader”. Yes, Dear Reader is a track from Swift’s latest album Midnights. But what does that have to do with Speak Now? Taylor is very intentional about how she phrases things, many many times hinting at something to come. Dear Reader is highly unlikely to be a single, plus she just released Karma as the latest single from Midnights. This was planned and written in advance. It means something. Yes, we are reading the post. But what else are we reading? A book perhaps?

  • A Bookstore Is The First To Draw Attention To A Mystery Release

    In a since-deleted TikTok video (at the publishing company’s request, The Good Neighbor Bookstore, revealed that there is a book scheduled to be released on July 9th. They said that this book is currently available for preorder but the title or subject has yet to be released. It is however non-fiction and said to be about a popular celebrity. There are also one million copies set to be printed for the release. That tells you right there that this is going to be in demand.

  • The Release Date- July 9th

    It’s not a hard-fast rule, but most books are released on Tuesdays. July 9th is a Sunday this year. So why July 9th? Not only is that date two days after the Speak Now Taylor’s Version release, but it’s also a date that has become synonymous with Taylor. Thanks to a reference to July 9th, in a song, a song that’s on Speak Now – Last Kiss:

    I do recall now the smell of the rainFresh on the pavement, I ran off the planeThat July ninth, the beat of your heartIt jumps through your shirtI can still feel your arms

    Need a little more convincing, while onstage in Nashville announcing Speak Now Taylor’s Version, Taylor mentioned that the release was “just in time for July 9th.” At first I thought this was just an obvious nod to Last Kiss. But perhaps it’s more. With Taylor, you can never be sure.

  • The Title Is Being Announced June 13th

    No Title

    No Description

    It’s well-documented that 13 is Taylor Swift’s lucky number. So is it really a coincidence that this mystery book, which Macmillan Books also says “is fun and not political” is being revealed on June 13th?

  • Speak Now Is 100% Self Written

    As a young songwriter, off the heels of her second album Fearless which was the most highly awarded country album at the time (it won album of the year at The Grammy’s, CMAs, ACMSs, and American Music Awards), Taylor still had a lot to prove to some people. She did this by releasing Speak Now as completely self-written. You may say hasn’t she always written her own music? Yes. But there was not one co-writer on Speak Now which proved to the critics she was more than capable of writing well on her own. The one caveat to this was a deluxe version track called If This Was A Movie. Swift actually already released this song, and used Red (Taylor’s Version) album artwork for it. Not Speak Now. She also said that Speak Now Taylor’s Verison will have 22 songs including 6 vault tracks. This would indicate If This Was A Movie will not be included. Making Speak Now Taylor’s Version entirely self-written. An entirely self-written album, followed up by a self-written book? It would make sense.

  • Next Chapter

    Another track on Speak Now is called The Story of Us. It’s written in story form and contains lyrics that say “the story starts”, “next chapter”, and “the end” all mirroring the format of a book. I also feel like this could be a good title for a memoir of hers especially tying in her relationship with the fans. A stretch maybe. But hey it could be something.

  • All Too Well The Short Film

    In All Too Well The Short Film, the character that represents Taylor releases a book, 13 years later. Speak Now was originally released in 2010 or 13 years ago.

  • Final Thoughts

    It just makes so much sense that I have a hard time believing this doesn’t have something to do with Taylor. But coincidences happen (if you know about Niceboy Ed that still leaves me confused to this day). While I’m not convinced enough to pull the trigger and preorder this untitled unreleased author and subject matter book (though you can and thousands of people have) I’d be surprised if this isn’t hers. Maybe this is wishful thinking? Probably mindless dreaming? If it is take my money, get me an autographed copy, and hey can we get a book signing tour too? (Yes I know that would be a disaster resulting in pandemonium but I’ve wished for that for 14 years).

    Now we wait til June 13th.

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