So you think you know Taylor Swift? You have all her albums, perhaps you’ve seen her record-breaking Eras Tour. But do you know ALL her music? I’m not talking unreleased tracks right now (though that is a web I love to go down and one I will once Taylor Swift (Taylor’s Version) is officially announced. There are 19 Taylor Swift songs you may not know. That’s because these are songs she has released but that aren’t on her studio albums. Instead, we are looking at songs that were collaborations included on the other artists’ albums, songs for movie soundtracks, or released as promotional singles.

The 19 tracks included on this list span from as early as 2009 to as recent as 2023. You’ll even hear some genres you may not be used to Taylor tackling included as well. If you’re reading this you will probably recognize some songs on this list. But unless you are as die-hard as me (and have been for as long) there is a good chance that at least one or two of these songs are unfamiliar to you. If not- let’s be friends!

I did skip “Beautiful Eyes” and “I Heart ?” as technically those songs were released though they are not on streaming services. Maybe a song you know but haven’t thought about in ages is on the list. That’s always fun too! But perhaps this will give you a new playlist to delve into as we wait for April 19th the release day of The Tortured Poets Department. (Side note how many days left? “But honestly, baby, who’s counting? Who’s counting?” Me that’s who!)

So give this list a once over and perhaps your new favorite song is waiting to be discovered! It’s easy to caught up in simply listening to the albums on repeat. And at this point, there are so many (which is a great problem to have!). But don’t forget about these 19 Taylor Swift songs you may not know. There are some fantastic ones.

  • Crazier

    We are starting off back in 2009 with a song featured in The Hannah Montana Movie– “Crazier”. Taylor even made a cameo in the movie performing this song which was a great move for both Disney and Taylor as their fanbases had a lot of crossover at the time. This is one of the few tracks Taylor has never played live before. Some hypothesize that it could be included on Taylor Swift (Taylor’s Version). While I do love this track, I don’t want it included as a “Vault track” as there are so many others from that period of time that I think deserve a moment. If she wants to just add it the way she did with “Today Was A Fairytale” on Fearless (Taylor’s Version) I’m all for that.

    “Crazier” is a sweet, soft ballad full of teenage innocence and love. You can’t help but smile when you listen to this teenage Taylor track.

  • Two Is Better Than One

    Now this one I’d be surprised if the casual or younger fan knows. If you remember the song “Love Drunk” Boys Like Girls was the band behind that song. Their album of the same name also included this duet with Taylor Swift “Two Is Better Than One”. The song dates back to 2009 and was released as a radio single. It has a little more rock vibes than other songs released by Swift at the time.

  • Both Of Us

    Taylor Swift and B.o. B. Yes, it really happened. This 2012 song is the only official “rap” song Swift has been a part of. Yes, I did just say that statement. It’s a fun track that the pair even performed live together once.

  • Highway Don't Care

    This is one of my two favorite tracks on this list. I still remember the excitement I felt when this collaboration was announced. In case you forgot Taylor Swift’s first single was “Tim McGraw”. So when her life came full circle and they had a song together it was a momentous occasion. This song which also features Keith Urban on guitar was released as a single to country radio. One of my favorite Taylor memories was actually seeing the three of them collab at CMA Music Fest in Nashville. Taylor started out singing “Tim McGraw” and then proceeded to say “Ladies and gentlemen Tim McGraw” as the superstar walked out on stage.

  • Eyes Open

    I went back and forth about whether to include this and the next song on this list. Taylor re-recorded them both though they weren’t added to RED (Taylor’s Version). She dropped the updated versions the day the Eras Tour kicked off in Glendale Arizona just under a year ago. Eyes Open was featured on the soundtrack for The Hunger Games in 2011 and was released as a single to pop radio as well.

  • Safe and Sound

    The same can be said for this track as was for “Eyes Open”. “Safe and Sound” showed a new dimension to Taylor in this duet with The Civil Wars. It even won a Grammy for Best Song Written for Visual Media. Joy and John of the Civil Wars broke up in 2014 but the power of Swift was enough to get them to agree to rerecord this track.

  • Sweeter Than Fiction

    If you purchased the Target Edition of 1989 Taylor’s Version on vinyl then you do have this track on an album. But if you didn’t, you may not be familiar with this song that was on the “One Chance” soundtrack. It was originally released in 2013. It’s a poppy soundtrack song, that you can’t help but sing along to. Expect it’s Taylor’s Version streaming debut in a few months (once the Target contract expires). it

  • I Don't Wanna Live Forever

    If you only know one song on this list I bet it’s this one. I debated including it but it fit the criteria of not being on any of her albums so I did. Taylor has chosen to perform this track with features Zayn as a surprise song on multiple tours. The song was a hit a pop radio and featured in one of the Fifty Shades Of Gray films.

  • Beautiful Ghosts

    Taylor collaborated with the legend himself Andrew Lloyd Webber on this track written for the Cats film. Taylor, a self proclaimed cat lover, played the character Bombalurina in the movie adaptation of the musical. It’s a beautiful (pun intended) track that fits with the score of the musical, but lumped in with Taylor’s vast discography it is one of the more forgettable songs.

  • Macavity

    Macavity is one of the extremely rare times Taylor has released a song without any writing credit. She performed this song for her role in Cats, and it was included on the soundtrack for the musical film. It is what it is, a cover of a Broadway song. As someone who has always enjoyed the musical, I enjoy her version of the song. Most of the general public, however, was not a fan of the film, so I’d wager they don’t love the song much either.

  • Only The Young

    “Only The Young” was featured in Taylor’s January 2020 Amazon Prime documentary Miss Americana. The song addresses the political climate at the time as well as gun violence. It was also featured in the documentary which highlighted her desire and the risks she took sharing her opinions for the first time. Therefore it is an important track in Taylor’s discography.

  • Gasoline

    The remix of Gasoline by Haim marks the second time Taylor collaborated with her good friends the Haim sisters. It was released in February 2021 about two months after the first collaboration which was featured on Taylor’s evermore album. Gasoline is one of my favorite recent collaborations by Taylor that was featured on another artists album. It’s catchy and firey what’s not to love?

  • Renegade

    Big Red Machine is the band that Aaron Dessner is a member of with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver (who Swift has also worked with previously). After the successful partnership between Taylor Swift and Aaron Dessner gave us folklore and evermore (and later collaborations on other albums and re-releases) it was only a matter of time before the collaboration went the other way as well. The track was released in July of 2021 as one of two tracks featuring Swift on the band’s second album How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last?.  The song was co-written by Dessner and Swift and features a familiar sound.

  • Birch

    “Birch” is the other song Taylor is featured in on How Long Is It Gonna Last?. She only contributed vocally to this song though. It was written by Dessner, Justin Vernon, and Bryan Devendorf. It’s a solid track but doesn’t stand out the way “Renegade” does at least in my opinion.

  • The Joker And The Queen

    Good friends Taylor and Ed Sheeran collaborated on this track the first project featuring Swift to be included on one of Sheeran’s own albums.  Sheeran described the song’s music video as “a sequel to the ‘Every Thing Has Changed’ music video” which came out nine years prior to this track. Swift wasn’t a songwriter on the song but did record the duet. It’s a sweet song and one that I think is often overlooked and undervalued.

  • Carolina

    This one was awarded bonus points right out of the gate with the title (sort of). Love that it’s titled “Carolina” even though Taylor hasn’t performed in either of the Carolinas since October 2015. The song was written for and featured in the film Where The Crawdads Sing. It’s haunting and a fantastic track. Somehow I never saw the movie perhaps I’ll watch it one night this week!

  • The Alcott

    While Big Red Machine is a project Aaron Dessner is a part of, he’s best known for his work in the band The National who have recorded nine studio albums. This track “The Alcott” was featured on the band’s album First Two Pages of Frankenstein. In the way many of Swift and Dessner’s masterpieces were created, Dessner sent the piano track to Swift who quickly returned a voice memo that turned into this song. Dessner told Vulture the collaboration was natural since the pair are constantly working together.

  • All Of The Girls You Loved Before

    The timing of the release of this song truly makes my head spin. It’s one of four tracks Taylor dropped on March 17th 2023 ahead of her first show of the Eras Tour. We previously mentioned the two re-records of “Eyes Open” and “Safe and Sound”. The other was Speak Now Deluxe Edition Track “If This Was A Movie”. This was the only Speak Now track that Taylor didn’t have sole co-writing credit on, presumably why she released it featuring the Red (Taylor’s Version) cover instead later on Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). But back to this track that didn’t make the original Lover tracklist. For one that is a crime, this catchy song completely fits the vibe of the album (one I feel is criminally underrated). But what I’ll never figure out is Taylor releasing this song, about Joe Alwyn and how all his past loves made him perfect and the man that she loves, as the relationship was falling apart. Perhaps she just wanted it out there (leaked versions had been circling on TikTok), but I’ll always want to know the true reason.

  • You're Losing Me

    Hands down my favorite track on this list. It has a wild history beginning with only being available on a special edition Midnights physical CD purchased at a limited number of Eras Tour shows. We later learned that this track, described as “from the vault” of Midnights.  It having been written in time to have been included on the 2022 album seemed suspect, as it is clearly a breakup song. And is almost guaranteed to be about Joe Alwyn. The pair didn’t announce the breakup until spring 2023. So how was this song “From the vault”? We would learn months later when the song finally dropped on streaming services when it was written. Thanks to a post from Jack Antonoff we now know the song was written December 5, 2021. If “You’re Losing Me” is any reflection of what The Tortured Poets Department is like prepare for a 5th Album of the Year at the Grammys (knock on wood). It’s a heartbreaking masterpiece and one of the best songs she has ever written.

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