So you’re looking for the Eras Tour 2024 surprise songs. One of the most beloved traditions Taylor Swift has on tour is the surprise song. While it was the Eras Tour that truly publicized this it’s actually been going on for much of Taylor’s career. This tradition got its roots during the Speak Now Tour (2011)  when she began to sing a cover song acoustic of an artist from the city or state where she was. Somehow even though I saw 3 full shows and a festival performance of this tour I never got a cover song. I did however get one of the first true surprise songs. It was Never Grow Up at the Speak Now Tour stop in Raleigh, NC. Taylor chose to sing this song as one of her childhood friends was at the show. It’s still one of my favorite Taylor Swift concert memories.

By the Red Tour, the surprise song had a permanent spot on the setlist, and it has ever since. What is a Taylor Swift surprise song? It’s a song that is not on the permanent setlist that she sings acoustic. And the best part? We get not one surprise song but two every night on the Era’s Tour.

About The Surprise Songs

Typically these songs aren’t repeated. However Taylor did wipe the slate clean for the international dates. These technically began in 2023 in Mexico and South America. She has such a vast discography at this point, it wouldn’t make sense to repeat. So I expect a new song each night in 2024.  I’ve been very lucky with the surprise songs I have gotten throughout the years, including one she played specifically for me. And it’s always fun to speculate on which song(s) she will play. And with so many songs written, it allows her to play a variety of songs.

I do plan on going to one or two of the US shows this fall and I’m honestly not sure at this point if I’d rather have an old song that I assume I’ll never hear live again. Or if I want a song I’ve never heard live. At this point, I uncharacteristically am leaning towards the latter. You’re On You’re Own Kid is my top wish right now. It was featured in the Eras Tour movie and inspired the friendship bracelet phenomenon so I doubt it makes it that long!

***Please note that videos are getting taken down due to copyright notices, I am doing my best to keep the videos working but there could be issues**

I got up early this morning to watch a livestream the first Tokyo Show (at least the surprise songs) because of course I did. So if you are trying to keep track, or find out which song could be played at your show keep reading. Below you’ll find a list and videos night by night of The Eras Tour surprise songs in 2024. At the end, you’ll find a breakdown by album that has permanent setlist songs and surprise songs noted. May the odds be in your favor for your favorite song! View the 2023 list here.

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