We’ve known it for 18 years at this point. Taylor Swift is an incredible songwriter from her intricate lyrics to catchy hooks. She has an innate ability to relate to her audience- shown from a young age on her debut album in tracks like “Teardrops On My Guitar” and “Tim McGraw” (my all-time favorite song of hers that she has tied once but will never be able to top). Her crafty lyricism is displayed in “Cold As You” another track off that debut album that was released when she was just 16. All these years later it is still one of her most well-written tracks. The hook is “I’ve never been anywhere cold as you”. A teenager wrote that. A teenager. And she has continued to show masterful growth in her songwriting throughout the years though, and one of the things Taylor does better than anyone? Writing a bridge. The Taylor Swift bridges are where she shines the brightest lyrically. But what are the best and most iconic Taylor Swift bridges? In some ways that is an easy question to answer.

What Is A “Bridge?”

But before I do let’s delve a little deeper. What exactly is the bridge of a song? Essentially it connects two sections of the song (i.e. a verse and chorus) but follows a slightly different structure. In terms of Taylor Swift her bridges typically fall after the second chorus. A bridge often features a different tempo than the rest of the song and helps tell the story. And as one of, if not the, greatest songwriters of our generation storytelling is at the heart of every Taylor Swift track.  If you are any sort of Taylor fan you can probably rattle off your favorite right bridge right now.

Taylor can truly do it all when it comes to songwriting- from catchy pop hits like “Shake It Off” and “Anti Hero” to lyrical masterpieces that rip your heart out. There are countless examples throughout her now 18+ year career of this, and she only gets better as time progresses. So while it was hard to narrow down here are 13 (it had to be 13) of the best and most iconic Taylor Swift bridges to date. I expect nothing more than her topping what she has already done with her next release. These are in no particular order, simply the way they came into my head. Enjoy, and if you have these stuck in your head all day, it’s just another example of her genius.

  • 1. Cruel Summer

    What better bridge to start this list off than the ICONIC bridge that is the first one we cross on the Eras Tour- Cruel Summer? This “Lover” track is more popular than ever 4 years after its release. And I dare you to listen to this and not want to scream it at the top of your lungs.

    I’m drunk in the back of the car
    And I cried like a baby comin’ home from the bar (Oh)

    Said, “I’m fine,” but it wasn’t true
    I don’t wanna keep secrets just to keep you

    And I snuck in through the garden gate
    Every night that summer just to seal my fate (Oh)

    And I scream, “For whatever it’s worth
    I love you, ain’t that the worst thing you ever heard?”

    He looks up, grinnin’ like a devil


  • 2. All Too Well

    It’s hard to pick a favorite line in All Too Well. And I would have said that before Taylor extended the fan-favorite track and gave us the 10-minute version. But the bridge has always been one that ripped your heart out, and proved to the world how incredible of a songwriter Swift is (though fans had known it for years prior to this track’s initial 2012 release).

    Well, maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much
    But maybe this thing was a masterpiece ’til you tore it all up
    Runnin’ scared, I was there
    I remember it all too well
    And you call me up again just to break me like a promise
    So casually cruel in the name of bein’ honest
    I’m a crumpled-up piece of paper lyin’ here
    ‘Cause I remember it all, all, all

  • 3. Champagne Problems

    One thing that a lot of these bridges have in common is that they are heartbreaking. And “Champagne Problems” is no exception to that. Even Taylor teared up during multiple shows of the Eras Tour. And screaming “What a shame she’s fucked in the head” with 80,000 other people is incredibly cathartic if you’re wondering.

    Your Midas touch on the Chevy door
    November flush and your flannel cure
    “This dorm was once a madhouse”
    I made a joke, “Well, it’s made for me”
    How evergreen, our group of friends
    Don’t think we’ll say that word again
    And soon they’ll have the nerve to deck the halls
    That we once walked through
    One for the money, two for the show
    I never was ready so I watch you go
    Sometimes you just don’t know the answer
    ‘Til someone’s on their knees and asks you
    “She would’ve made such a lovely bride
    What a shame she’s fucked in the head,” they said
    But you’ll find the real thing instead
    She’ll patch up your tapestry that I shred

  • 4. You're On You're Own Kid

    You’re Own Your Own Kid has quickly risen and is one of my favorite Taylor songs ever at this point. And that’s saying something! The bridge is by far my favorite part of this song and one that is incredibly relatable. Plus it inspired the friendship bracelet trend that look over the Eras Tour and has spilled over to concerts from other artists as well.

    From sprinkler splashes to fireplace ashes
    I gave my blood, sweat, and tears for this
    I hosted parties and starved my body
    Like I’d be saved by a perfect kiss
    The jokes weren’t funny, I took the money
    My friends from home don’t know what to say
    I looked around in a blood-soaked gown
    And I saw something they can’t take away
    ‘Cause there were pages turned with the bridges burned
    Everything you lose is a step you take
    So, make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it
    You’ve got no reason to be afraid

  • 5. You're Losing Me


    The bridge begins at 3:20

    Why this song, released only on a special edition CD available at the Metlife shows and for a short period of time on her website, hasn’t been completely released I’ll never understand. Like anything Taylor does, I’m sure it’s strategic, but this heartbreaking song about the moments leading up to her and Joe Alwyn’s breakup in DEVESTATING. And the bridge, it had me in tears the first time I heard it. I still feel personally victimized every time I hear it. No matter how many times I listen.

    How long could we be a sad song
    ‘Til we were too far gone to bring back to life?
    I gave you all my best me’s, my endless empathy
    And all I did was bleed as I tried to be the bravest soldier
    Fighting in only your army
    Frontlines, don’t you ignore me
    I’m the best thing at this party
    (You’re losin’ me)
    And I wouldn’t marry me either
    A pathological people pleaser
    Who only wanted you to see her
    And I’m fadin’, thinkin’

  • 6. Dear John

    One of the oldest songs included on this list, Dear John almost certainly (though it never has been officially confirmed by Taylor herself) chronicles her relationship with John Mayer. Swift was 19 and Mayer was 32 when the pair dated. Swift addresses this relationship again on her most recent new release Midnights in a track called “Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve”. That bridge also could have been included on this list, but I had to stop somewhere and 13 was the only option.

    You are an expert at sorry and keeping lines blurry
    Never impressed by me acing your tests
    All the girls that you’ve run dry have tired lifeless eyes
    ‘Cause you burned them out
    But I took your matches before fire could catch me
    So don’t look now
    I’m shining like fireworks over your sad, empty town

  • 7. Dress

    Another track written about Joe Alwyn that is a little painful to listen to now, but boy doesn’t this one hit. There truly is nothing better than screaming/singing along to a Taylor Swift bridge live.

    Flashback when you met me, your buzzcut and my hair bleached
    Even in my worst times, you could see the best in me
    Flashback to my mistakes, my rebounds, my earthquakes
    Even in my worst lies, you saw the truth in me
    And I woke up just in time, now I wake up by your side
    My one and only, my lifeline
    I woke up just in time, now I wake up by your side
    My hands shake, I can’t explain this
    Ah, ha, ha, ha-ah

  • 8. Illicit Affairs

    You know it’s good when Taylor didn’t include this full song on the setlist for the Eras Tour but she did include a moment for the bridge. I feel this one in my bones.

    And you wanna scream
    Don’t call me “kid,” don’t call me “baby”
    Look at this godforsaken mess that you made me
    You showed me colors you know I can’t see with anyone else
    Don’t call me “kid,” don’t call me “baby”
    Look at this idiotic fool that you made me
    You taught me a secret language I can’t speak with anyone else

  • 9. Last Kiss

    One of the shorter ones (bridges not tracks) on this list, but a song that has stood the test of time. It’s heartbreaking. Joe Jonas I’m glad you guys are good now. I really am.

    So I’ll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep
    And I feel you forget me like I used to feel you breathe
    And I’ll keep up with our old friends just to ask them how you are
    Hope it’s nice where you are

  • 10. Out of The Woods

    Some of, or in my opinion, the overall best lyrics on 1989 are the ones in the Out of The Woods Bridge. It was in this moment we learned of this wild day in the relationship of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift.

    Remember when you hit the brakes too soon?
    Twenty stitches in the hospital room
    When you started crying, baby, I did too
    But when the sun came up, I was looking at you
    Remember when we couldn’t take the heat?
    I walked out, I said, “I’m setting you free”
    But the monsters turned out to be just trees
    When the sun came up, you were looking at me
    You were looking at me, oh
    You were looking at me
    (Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods yet?)
    (Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods?)
    I remember
    (Are we in the clear yet? Are we in the clear yet?)
    (Are we in the clear yet, in the clear yet? Good)
    Oh, I remember

  • 11. Death By A Thousand Cuts

    Even Taylor loves this one so much she chose to sing it twice when DBATC was the surprise song in Arlington Texas.

    My heart, my hips, my body, my love
    Tryna find a part of me that you didn’t touch
    Gave up on me like I was a bad drug
    Now I’m searching for signs in a haunted club
    Our songs, our films, united we stand
    Our country, guess it was a lawless land
    Quiet my fears with the touch of your hand
    Paper cut stings from our paper-thin plans
    My time, my wine, my spirit, my trust
    Tryna find a part of me you didn’t take up
    Gave you too much, but it wasn’t enough
    But I’ll be alright, it’s just a thousand cuts

  • 12. August

    If you haven’t seen the TikTok videos of people running to this bridge, you aren’t on the same side of TikTok I’m on. For me it was enough Taylor.

    Back when we were still changin’ for the better
    Wanting was enough
    For me, it was enough
    To live for the hope of it all
    Cancel plans just in case you’d call
    And say, “Meet me behind the mall”
    So much for summer love and saying “us”
    ‘Cause you weren’t mine to lose
    You weren’t mine to lose, no

  • 13. Getaway Car

    Sing it with me, you know you want to. This reputation track is one of my favorite from the album thanks to Bonnie and Clyde.

    We were jet-set, Bonnie and Clyde (Oh-oh)
    Until I switched to the other side, to the other side
    It’s no surprise I turned you in (Oh-oh)
    ‘Cause us traitors never win
    I’m in a getaway car
    I left you in a motel bar
    Put the money in a bag and I stole the keys
    That was the last time you ever saw me (Oh!)

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