After concluding her first US leg of the massive phenomenon known as the Eras Tour, Taylor Swift kicks off the international dates this week. The first of four shows in Mexico City is happening tomorrow night. And there are a lot of questions surrounding this leg of the sold-out cultural moment of a tour. Will there be any setlist changes? What about the surprise songs? Will she repeat or will Taylor Swift perform songs she’s never performed live on the Eras Tour or ever at these shows?

Until the last stop on the US leg, Los Angeles, only one surprise song- Clean, had been repeated. She repeated a few at the first 3 shows in LA. These were “Our Song”, “Maroon”, and “You’re On Your Own Kid”. They are presumably songs she wanted included in a filmed version of the tour. There were cameras seen those nights and the light-up bracelets given out were larger for those three shows as well. I will never get over the fact that I missed “You’re On Your Own Kid” not once but twice.

I expect maybe one of two tweaks to the initial setlist (and I’ll be watching a grainy TikTok live stream tomorrow night so I can know in real time), but the biggest question is surprise songs. While they have gotten more attention this time around, Taylor has actually been doing this since the RED Tour. And she did a similar thing on portions of the Speak Now Tour but with cover songs at some shows. So it’s “Nothing New”. Pun intended.

Songs Taylor Swift Has Never Performed Live

Going into the International Eras Tour dates (which continue through next summer), there are currently 34 songs in Taylor Swift’s discography that she has never performed live. So what do I mean by “never performed live”? For the purpose of this list, these are songs that from the time they were released there has not been a live performance of the track. This doesn’t have to be on tour. It can include awards shows, in-studio performances (for instance “Mary’s Song” was performed at Billboard years ago), or on TV.

This list only includes songs that were written by Taylor (sorry Macavity), are not holiday songs (would have been fun Christmas Tree Farm), and are on an album released by her or a soundtrack with her as the primary artist. No songs featured on other artist’s album like “Gasoline”, “The Alcott”, “Highway Don’t Care”, or “The Joker And The Queen” are included.

If you are interested in a list of songs she hasn’t performed on the Eras Tour you can find that list here. So enjoy! And hopefully we will cross some of these off the list soon!

No sooner did I ask this question than Taylor answered it. Three of these songs were performed during the Eras Tour in Mexico City. All are noted below!

**This list has been updated to include the 1989 Taylor’s Version Vault Songs**

  • Come In With The Rain (Performed February 10th in Tokyo)

    Come In With The Rain was originally released on the Fearless Platinum Edition in 2010. It’s one of only two tracks on that initial re-lease (not Taylor’s Version) to never be performed live.

  • Superstar

    The other song off Fearless Platinum Edition Taylor has never performed live is Superstar. It’s never been confirmed who this track is actually about, though fans certainly have theories. Perhaps I’ll delve into that another time.

  • We Were Happy

    A Fearless Taylor’s Version Vault Track that I often forget was a vault track as I’ve known this song for 12 or 13 years at this point. But despite playing a couple vault tracks this one has not been brought out yet in concert.

  • That's When

    Another from the vault track off of Fearless Taylor’s Version. The track features Keith Urban and I thought perhaps a duet in Nashville might happen. She could still easily play it solo at some point!

  • Don't You

    Don’t You wish we could get a live performance of this Fearless Taylor’s Version track? I know I do!

  • Bye Bye Baby

    Taylor has only performed two Fearless vault tracks but this seems like the next one she’d perform in my opinion. That’s just a gut feeling, but hey maybe we will find out soon!

  • Electric Touch (Performed February 8th in Toyko)

    I want this as a surprise song. But with Fall Out Boy. There were a couple of times the dates aligned but we never got the performance. Perhaps they want an excuse to visit Europe?

  • Foolish One (Performed In A Mashup with Tell Me Why March 4th in Singapore)

    Taylor really made her way through the Speak Now vault tracks. The only other one left- Foolish One. And maybe I’m foolish (the way I relate to this song tells me I am) but I bet she performs this one sooner rather than later.

  • Girl At Home

    Girl at Home was a bonus track on the original release of RED. And the only track off that album she has never performed live, not on the RED Tour or as a surprise song on any subsequent tours. (Yes, she has been doing this since RED, though it’s really become something the general public noticed on the Era’s Tour).

  • Forever Winter

    A RED Vault Track, Forever Winter is one of the sadder tracks on the album. Could she sing it? Of course, but my gut tells me this isn’t at the top of the priority list.

  • Run

    Taylor and Ed Sheeran collabs are always good. But they never hit the way I want a duet from these two incredible artists to. The expectations are just so incredibly high. I prefer Everything Has Changed, but I’d still LOVE a performance of this by both of them. London perhaps?

  • The Very First Night (Performed in Mexico City)

    Why this RED Vault track hasn’t been performed yet I have no idea! Singapore and Toronto are the longest stretches of shows in one location, perhaps the first surprise song of one of those places?


  • I Forgot That You Existed (Performed August 24th in Mexico City)

    And we now reach the point in Taylor’s discography where there was not a tour for each album. RIP Lover Fest. (I know if we would have gotten it we probably wouldn’t have gotten Folklore, Evermore, and who knows about Midnights). So it was worth the loss but as someone who had tickets, it stings. Between the Eras set, Lover Live From Paris, and surprise songs we’ve made it through most of the album. But not the opening track theorized to be about Kanye. It hurts to even write his name.

  • Afterglow (Performed August 27th in Mexico City)

    Meet me in the afterglow. Here me out, this song with the lighted bracelets? The visuals yes, please! 

  • It's Nice To Have A Friend

    INTHAF is a little controversial. A lot of people think it’s the worst song on Lover. I disagree, I think it’s cute. The only reason I don’t want it as a surprise song at a show I’m at? Well, at 2 minutes 31 seconds it is one of Taylor’s shorter tracks. And I want as much time with her as humanly possible.

  • Epiphany

    I debated including songs from Folklore as “never performed live” as I wasn’t sure if I should I couldn’t the Folklore Long Pond Sessions. Ultimately I’m counting those as acoustic versions of the songs since there was no audience at all. They are “live” but not really a “performance”. But just know you can debate these next three tracks and if they fit this list. A song that references some really tough stuff like her Grandfather’s experience in WWII and the struggle of nurses during the Pandemic, I think this one remains on this list.

  • Peace (Performed As Part Of A Mashup In Sydney Feb 24th)

    There is a theme with the three Folklore tracks Taylor hasn’t performed. This is the one I think there is the greatest chance she will bring out. It’s also the one I’d most like to hear. But especially in the wake of the break up with Joe Alwyn, I’m sure the fear that she could never give someone she’s with “peace” weighs heavier on her now that even when this song was written. So it may be a tough one to sing.

  • Hoax

    Screaming “Give me a reason”. This song is one of the perhaps forgotten tracks on an album that won Album of The Year. It’s one of my all-time favorite Taylor Swift albums and I’d be happy to hear any song off of it, but I’d be surprised if this track gets played. 

  • Happiness

    I’d put Happiness, of Evermore, in the same category as Hoax. Both are a little under the radar, that non die-hard fans probably don’t know. And despite it’s title, it’s a pretty sad song.

  • Long Story Short (Performed In A Mashup with The Story of Us March 3rd in Singapore)

    Long Story Short it would be a great time to hear this track live. So upbeat and fun it’s a wonder it hasn’t been yet!

  • Closure

    She doesn’t need your closure. But I’d sure love some in the form of hearing this Evermore track live.

  • It's Time To Go (Performed Nov 26th in Sao Paulo)

    While not quite as beloved as Right Where You Left Me, the other Evermore bonus track still is pretty popular. Popular enough to make an appearance at a show for sure.

  • Labyrinth (Performed In Mexico City)

    Now we move to the most recent new concept album Taylor has released. Labyrinth is one of the slower tracks and one of only two on the normal version that haven’t been performed.


  • Sweet Nothing (Peformed August 24th in Mexico City)

    The other track? Sweet Nothing. This one was written with Joe Alwyn, leaving me to believe we are getting sweet nothing in terms of a live performance of this track.

  • Bigger Than The Whole Sky (Performed Nov 19th in Rio De Janerio)

    There is a lot of speculation about what and possibly who inspired this heartbreaking track.  What there is no controversy on, how hard I would cry at a live version (watched live or through a grainy TikTok live stream).

  • Paris

    Paris, the only question is which night will get this track as a surprise song. And it’s a bop so I’m slightly jealous. Can someone get me tickets?

  • Glitch

    I think there’s been a glitch that this Midnights 3am track has been skipped over.

  • Dear Reader (Performed February 7th in Tokyo)

    Never take advice from someone who’s falling apart, which means you probably shouldn’t take advice from me. But my advice if you’re asking Taylor? Play Dear Reader!

  • You're Losing Me (Performed Feb 16th in Melbourne)

    As much as I want to, I can’t link a video to this track. It was released on a special Til The Dawn Edition that was only sold in CD form at a couple of Eras Tour shows, and for a limited time on her website. It is perhaps one of the saddest tracks Taylor has ever written. But it’s also one of the best. Hearing this live is not a want it’s a NEED. It’s a crime this track isn’t widely available. An actual crime. The bridge, I feel personally victimized by the bridge. (And yes I paid ebay prices to have a physical copy of this CD we aren’t talking about that).


  • Beautiful Ghosts

    No I don’t expect this song to ever see the light of day when it comes to be performed live. But it fit the requirements and hasn’t been performed live so the Cats Soundtrack track is being mentioned.

  • Only The Young

    Of this last section of the list, songs that weren’t on an album, this is the only one I actually think may be performed. Only The Young was featured in the Netflix documentary Miss Americana.

  • Carolina

    If Taylor ever plays in Carolina again (she hasn’t since 2015), perhaps she will perform this song. But neither of those things seems like to ever happen.

  • Crazier

    I don’t expect Crazier to make the Taylor’s Version of her debut album. But it wouldn’t be too far-fetched. It would be crazier if she decided to perform this track that was featured in the Hannah Montana Movie. I will never forget watching this movie for the first time the night before I saw Taylor for the first time. Can we go back to 2009? It was so much simpler!

  • I Heart ?

    While I’d be surprised if Crazier makes Taylor Swift (Taylor’s Version) I bet I Heart ? and Beautiful Eyes (the title track of the EP both songs were featured on) will make the cut. So at that point, sure this could be performed live. Before then? Not a chance. Also, I still have a sealed copy of this album if anyone wants to trade me Eras Tour tickets for it.

  • "Slut!" (Performed Nov 12th in Buenos Aires)

    Never did I think there would be a Taylor Swift song called “slut!” and when I first heard the title I expected the polar opposite of what this track is. It’s the song they are testing the waters for to be the single, so I bet it won’t be long before it gets played live!

  • Say Don't Go (Performed Nov 26th in San Paolo)

    I would stay forever if you say don’t go. I’d like to stay forever at the Eras Tour!

  • Now That We Don't Talk (Performed Nov 24th in Sao Paulo)

    You know you want to snarkily sing along to “I don’t have to pretend I like acid rock, or that I’d like to be on a mega yacht”. Hopefully that wish comes true!


  • Suburban Legends (Performed Nov 17th in Rio De Janeiro)

    After my first 15 or so listens my favorite new lyrics are from Suburban Legends. “And you kiss me in a way that’s gonna screw me up forever”.

  • Is It Over Now? (Performed Nov 11th in Buenos Aires)

    Is It Over Now? Certainly not the question you’ll be asking if you get this closing track (so far) of 1989 Taylor’s Version as a surprise song.

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