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You may wake up and immediately want that coffee, but you should actually drink water first thing in the morning to help boost your metabolism, and help with digestion. 

A Charlotte artist is gaining quite the following online. Artist, Lauren Barger, starts her morning with coffee and artwork everyday, and she has gained quite the following.

Barger’s series, “coffee draws” has become super popular on apps like TikTok and Instagram. While she is enjoying her morning coffee, she draws one of her followers. All you have to do is like and comment on one of her posts to be in the running to be drawn one day.




You may have actually seen Lauren’s artwork before if you’ve been to Charlotte craft fairs. She is known for her artwork of animals showing their butts… yes, their butts.


Funny enough, my stepmom has actually bought some of her artwork before at a craft fair, so when I saw this story, I felt like I had to share.

What a cool idea! These art pieces are so cool, and I love that a Charlotte artist is getting so much recognition online!