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Name: Molly ID: A1180790 Age: 2 years Weight: 60 lbs Sex: Spayed Date of Arrival: 5/4/21 Adoption fee: $10 Vaccinations: Has all required vaccinations Has been microchipped Was good with an 8 year old boy went in the dog pool, didn't like it much mostly housetrained good in the car cuddle bug/shadow knows sit bossy about personal space/beds may not be good with all dogs due to claiming everything

The Humane Society of Charlotte has just moved into their new building!

On June 1st, the Humane Society of Charlotte celebrated their grand opening of their new facility. According to their website, the Humane Society, “helps support homeless animals and leaves a lasting legacy.”

Renovations and costs were around $15 million dollars, which is quite the undertaking. But one of the great part about the new facility is that it is funded completely by donors and foundations. That amount of money being raised is really incredible if you think about it! Many donors helped create this new building and the result is absolutely beautiful.

The new facility has increased the capacity of space for animals by 40%. With the new location, the Humane Society of Charlotte is now able to

  • Be able to expand their spay and neuter services
  • expand vet care
  • take in more animals in need

Not only does the new shelter give the animals much more comfort and space, it also allows for more visitors too. There are still plans to open a dog park which will be open to the public later this year too.

Cats now have an open roaming space, and dogs will be able to have play areas as well.

Overall, I know this expansion cost a lot of money, but when you see the photos, it’s remarkable. Charlotte needed an updated shelter like this one. It makes me happy to think of how many more animals will be saved now because of this new shelter.

I for one can’t wait to go check out the new facility located on 1348 Parker Drive in Charlotte.

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