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Ever smelled a nasty aroma coming from your garbage disposal? This viral hack is claiming to be the way to help solve it.

This new kitchen cleaning hack has gone completely viral on Tik Tok. The best part about this hack is instead of having to go out and buy new cleaning materials, all you need is ice, and hot water.

Tik Tok videos like this one show you how to supposedly clean your disposal. All it requires is pouring ice cubes down the drain, turning on hot water, and running the disposal.


I swear I didn’t think anything from TikTok would ever actually work

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The video results show a nasty brown liquid coming out of the sink. But does this hack actually work, and get rid of the smell? Well, yes, and no.

According to Mark Dawson, chief operating officer at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, this is what he has to say about the viral cleaning hack.

“While ice cubes have always been noted as a source for cleaning a disposal, that doesn’t necessarily mean the viral hack is doing what homeowners expect: removing the unpleasant smell. Ice cubes can help sharpen the disposal blades and remove food scraps stuck underneath them, but without adding a deodorizing agent, such as lemon, the odor could persist.”

Another thing you need to look out for is the amount of ice you’re putting in your drain. Putting too much ice in the sink could cause more harm then good.

So my main takeaway from this hack, is that yes, it can help, but you should proceed with caution.