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Dating before marriage

Everyone knows that weddings are all about the bride, and groom, but this wedding was also about the ring bearer.

Michigan bride, Kristie Mihelich, shared her wedding day spotlight with her 2 year old son, Pierson who was a ring bearer. Not only did Pearson steal the show when he walked down the aisle with the rings. But as soon as he saw him mom at the end of the aisle, all dressed in white, he was beaming. He smiled wide, and screamed, “Hi mom.” Pearson couldn’t contain his excitement and quickly ran down the aisle into his mom’s arms as she started walking closer.

At the end of the aisle, Pearson then became the 2nd man to walk his mom down the aisle as they held hands.

The video has now gone viral online for how cute Pearson is.

I think this video is so cute! Sometimes I think we forget what weddings are all about; they’re a celebration of love. Pearson definitely was celebrating the love on the day of his parents wedding, and I think it’s adorable!