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Saturday night, every section of Bank of America in Charlotte was alive again thanks to Charlotte FC’s inaugural match. I’ve seen many people talking about the viral moment during the national anthem where over 74,000 fans joined together to sing the anthem after the singer’s microphone cut out. That was truly a magical moment to be a part of, no doubt. But there is one moment from the game that I haven’t seen as many people talking about.

All of a sudden during the game, I looked over, and there was a whole section that had been cleared in the stadium. This was super evident as the match was completely sold out.

As it turns out, 20 rows in section 520 were evacuated during the game. Team officials confirmed that a cellular antenna had slipped from its mount. With the antenna not being secured, security cleared the section to keep fans safe.


I wasn’t too far from this section, and all I could think is, thank goodness that’s not my section! There were a few technical difficulties for the first home game, but all in all, I think the resounding thoughts are all positive for Charlotte FC now being in Charlotte. I can’t wait for the next game!