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Percentage of workers in outdoor jobs: 3.6% Total workers in outdoor jobs: 44,110 Most common outdoor job: Construction workers Average wage for outdoor workers: $37,577 Average wage across all workers: $55,330

There is no doubt about it, Charlotte is growing… FAST!

If you drive through the city, one thing you will most definitely see are cranes, hard at work constructing new building. Our office is in South End, and in my 5 years here, the entire neighborhood has changed drastically already. More changes are underway, and this latest look at what Charlotte’s skyline will look like in the future is wild.

South End has seen the biggest boom in growth, and it’s only just beginning. There are numerous construction plans in place for building in South End, that honestly its been hard to keep up.

On Instagram, @cltdevelopement put together a very interesting graphic so you can see, with all the development plans, what the future skyline may look like.

As you can see, the number of future buildings is quite large. My biggest concern with all the new construction is traffic. With the combined motor, and pedestrian traffic already in South End, I can’t imagine how such huge growth will affect it. I’ll definitely have to start leaving much earlier for work if this is what South End will look like in the future.

We hear about the growth in Charlotte all the time, but this graphic actually shows it, and I thought it was just fascinating.