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Leave it to Tik Tok to always have some interesting, and questionable new drink or food item to try.

The latest drink going viral on the app, is something called a pickle-tini, and it is exactly as it sounds; a pickle martini. I absolutely love pickles on their own, but anytime there is a pickle flavored item that comes out, I’m always skeptical, and I don’t know why.

To be honest, this might be one I’m willing to try however. I love pickle back shots which usually consists of a shot of jameson, quickly followed by a shot of pickle juice, so this drink doesn’t sound so bad to me.

The pickle-tini consists of 1 shot of your favorite vodka, and 2 shots of pickle juice, poured over ice.

Here’s a video of a girl making one, that has since gone viral.


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What do you think? Would you give the pickle-tini a try?


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