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Name: Molly ID: A1180790 Age: 2 years Weight: 60 lbs Sex: Spayed Date of Arrival: 5/4/21 Adoption fee: $10 Vaccinations: Has all required vaccinations Has been microchipped Was good with an 8 year old boy went in the dog pool, didn't like it much mostly housetrained good in the car cuddle bug/shadow knows sit bossy about personal space/beds may not be good with all dogs due to claiming everything

The pandemic has caused too many issues to count, but one positive thing to come out of the pandemic, is the number of people adopting pets at local shelters, including Charlotte.

The Humane Society of Charlotte not only met their adoption goal, but exceeded it for 2021. Thanks to 10 last minute adoptions on New Years Eve, the organization ended 2021 with 3,431 adoptions!

According to WBTV, on average, the Humane Society of Charlotte averages around 2,900 adoptions, but that number has gone up since the pandemic started and more people are stuck at home more.

With so much negative surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, i’m so grateful people who are now spending more and more time at home are choosing to adopt pets to keep them company. There are always so many pets in need of homes, and it’s wonderful to see that adoption rates are up in the Carolinas.

In 2022, that number could be even bigger as the Humane Society of Charlotte is getting ready to move into their new location, complete with state-of-the-art dog and cat kennels. They’ll be able to welcome more animals in the new facility which will hopefully mean more animals will continue to be adopted in 2022.

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Source: WBTV