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When she leaked her nude - Cardi states that while lying in bed, she realized she had a swollen lip and had Offset take a photo of her. Afterward, she accidentally put the photo on Instagram, and the world saw all of her goods.

It’s time to turn up for the holidays, OkURRRRRT (insert Cardi B voice).

Just in time for the holidays, Cardi B has released a new vodka-infused whipped cream that i’m dying to try! The product is called, Whipshots, and not only is it vodka-infused, it’s also dairy-free.

The whipped vodka is 10% alcohol per by volume, and comes in 50, 200, and 375ml bottles sizes.

You can take the Wipshots as shots or add they to your favorite drink, and it currently is available in three flavors; Mocha, Caramel, and Vanilla.

Just imagine how delicious the Mocha flavor would be with some hot chocolate this holiday season!