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Seriously, just clean something. It doesn't matter what it is either. It could be your kitchen or straightening up your living room.  My personal favorite when dealing with stress that may also pack some anger with it is scrubbing grout. Not only does grout usually always need a good scrubbing, but it's an activity where you can really use some force to release your pent-up rage all while getting a positive result. It's a win-win.

Cleaning can be such a chore, but we all have to do it sometime.

According to a new survey by LG Electronics, there is one day of the week that people prefer to clean the most. The poll asked 2,000 Americans, and here were the results.

The average American cleans their home about 7 times each month. The way they choose to clean includes,

  • Mopping – 70%
  • Washing Dishes – 68%
  • Wiping off tables – 65%

As far as deep cleans go, the average American deep cleans their house 5 times a month.

I’m not gonna lie, I would probably be below the average with these standards. I usually clean my house once a week or so, and maintain dishes throughout the week. They one part of the survey that I definitely agree with though was the day that most people choose to clean.

The study found that most American’s like to clean on Saturday mornings. Monday, and Sunday evenings were the least desirable times to clean.

When do you like to clean?