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Everyone wants happily ever after, but the sad reality is that more than half of marriages end in divorce these days.

Whether you expect a marriage to end, or are in complete shock by the ending, it turns out there may be some warning signs, or at least that’s what this wedding photographer believes.

The internet is pretty divided about this one, but Arkansas-based photographer Shayla Herrington, has  now gone viral on TikTok after she shared 3 warning signs that a marriage won’t work.

Here are her three signs: 

  1. If one of the spouses takes more than three family photos without the other spouse
  2. If the wedding party avoids bringing up the other spouse while getting ready or in toasts.
  3. If the spouses spend more time with friends at their wedding that their spouse.

I feel pretty torn about these three signs. I will say the second one is the one I agree with the  most, but I in no way agree with the first warning sign; I’m taking as many pictures with whoever I want!

Check out the viral video, and let me know what your thoughts are?