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And if there weren't enough weird and pointless holidays, today is national can opener day. Yes, you read that correctly. We celebrate the can opener because there was about a half-century between the invention of canned food and the invention of the can opener? How the heck did people open those cans? Go celebrate by opening a can today with your handy dandy can opener.

TikTok makes me feel stupid about every day now; I’m always discovering different hacks and tricks that I have never known about.

This week, I discovered that I have probably been using can openers the wrong way this entire time. When I tell you that my mouth DROPPED when I saw this video, I’m not lying.

Yes, social media can be distracting, annoying, and sometimes harmful, but it can also be very helpful too!

Check out this video to see the right way to use a can opener. Were you using it wrong too? Please say yes so I feel less pathetic.


How to properly use a can opener! TRY IT! IT ACTUALLY WORKS! #forthepublic #foryou #worldnews

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