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Disney made a huge announcement; they are planning on closing nearly 60 of their Disney Store locations across the country on or before September 15th.

Back in March, the original plans were announced, as Disney plans to focus more on their e-commerce business.

Charlotte has two Disney Store locations in the area; one at Southpark Mall and one in Concord Mills, and unfortunately, both of those locations are set to close, meaning North Carolina will no longer have any Disney stores. South Carolina will keep their only Disney Store location in Myrtle Beach.

There is a bit of hope for Disney fans looking to buy products close by however; it was just announced that Target plans to open more than 100 new Disney shops inside their stores, so hopefully that will help to ease our pain.

Even as an adult, I used to enjoy just walking through the Disney Stores; they had such magical d├ęcor, and all the characters I grew up with, it was like taking a stroll down memory lane. If I’m being honest though, the shift to Target and online stores makes sense as shoppers are looking for easy accessibility when trying to shop.


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