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Plaza Midwood is my neighborhood, and it has been hard to see so many businesses, especially on Central avenue struggling in the last few years. Throughout the pandemic, two of my favorite places on Central Avenue closed; Buffalo Exchange, and Nova’s Bakery.

Nova’s Bakery announced they were closing at the end of last year, after 26 years of business in the Charlotte area. There were reports that an ice cream shop would be moving into the location, but now that seems to have changes. Well known bakery in the Charlotte area, Amélie’s French Bakery, is expanding their portfolio and taking over the 7,000-square-foot space at 1511 Central Ave to develop another shop, with a new focus on artisan gourmet breads.

The location on Central Avenue will become a production facility for Amélie’s to create the gourmet bread, and they will then distribute them to their other locations in NoDa, Park Road, Carmel Commons and Rock Hill.

opened their first location in Charlotte in 2008, and has become a staple ever since, expanding throughout the Charlotte area. During the pandemic, the bakery had to close their uptown location, but hopes to reopen an uptown location in the future.

I’m happy to see that the vacant Nova’s Bakery location will be taken over by another local company. Now I’m just curious whether or not Plaza Midwood will have a fresh bread aroma in the air in the future… can’t say I would hate that!