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Rick Rowell/ABC Family via Getty Images

Tonight is the long awaited season finale of, The Bachelor. To say this season has been drenched in controversy and drama would be an understatement. From accusations of bullying on the show, to racial controversies with one of the final to women, and host Chris Harrison, there has been a lot of buzz this year about this particular season of The Bachelor.

Tonight, the season will end, and Matt James will choose between his two remaining women; Racheal or Michelle.

I personally want Matt to choose Michelle but I think he will choose Racheal. It’s the only reason I can justify as to why Chris Harrison would have defended her so much in that now notorious interview with Rachel Lindsay, that has ultimately caused ABC to announce that he will not be hosting the next season of The Bachelorette.

But what do you think? Who will Matt James choose tonight on the season finale, and do you think they are still together?