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If there is one thing you learn about makeup, it’s that eyebrows are important.

Shaping, filling in, and making your eyebrows look good takes a lot more skill than most people might think. I am someone that fills in my eyebrows every day with makeup. I’ve tried henna brows, and tinted brows, and while they are great, the upkeep and cost are just too much for me.

The best part of going to a professional though is that they will shape your brows perfectly, which is something I’m not very good at home. That is, until now…

Make-up brand, Anastasia Beverly Hills, has just developed a new app that is perfect for people who need help doing their eyebrows perfectly at home.

The Brow App came out on March 1st. Not only does the app have tips, and tricks but it has a looking library where you can “try on” different brow styles to find which one fits you best. Here are some screenshots I took while I was playing around on the app.