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Last night, a new season of “The Bachelor” premiered, and I can’t think of a better way to kick of a new year. This year’s bachelor is Matt James. Not only is Matt the first black bachelor in the series history, but he also has ties to NC. He grew up in NC, and even played football at Wake Forest before moving to NYC.

I thought the premiere was pretty good. There were more girls than ever to start this season, but there were a few that I think will go the distance.

After watching the first episode, and the season preview, these are my predictions of the final 4 girls.. PS these are totally guesses, and I have read no spoilers.



  • She got the first impression rose, and she’s adorable so she’s a given.



  • I’m purely basing this one from how much she is shown in the season preview… I think she will be around for awhile.


  • She’s practically already in love with Matt and their one-on-one time went really well.



  • She is also from NC and their one on one time seemed to be some of the most sincere in the first episode.



Now the wrench that might get thrown in all of this however, is that the preview did show that more women at some point will be joining the show. So could someone in that second group of women be in his final 4? Who knows!