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You hear people talking about millennial all the time; some good things and some bad. Say what you will about millennial’s, but numbers have proved that they do help the economy, and especially in particular cities they flock to.

It makes sense why millennials have such a big influence; they are now the largest U.S. generation to date, and take up the majority of the workforce.

But which cities do millennials love the most? just looked at 13 million actual renter applications nationwide to identify the cities where Millennials represent the highest share of those who applied for apartments, and here were the top results:


  1. Seattle, WA

  2. San Fransisco, CA

  3. Austin, TX

  4. Houston, TX

  5. San Antonio, TX

  6. Charlotte, NC

  7. Denver, CO

  8. Louisville, KY

  9. Memphis, TN

  10. Chicago, IL

  11. Atlanta, GA

  12. Dallas, TX

  13. Portland, OR

  14. Las Vegas, NV

  15. Washington, DC