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HAYWARDS HEATH, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 15: Bryony Phillips examines the plants in the dry, tropical glasshouse at Kew's Millennium Seed Bank, which now holds 10% of the world's wild plant species, at Wakehurst Place on October 15, 2009 near Haywards Heath, Sussex, England. The 24,200th seed species is a pink, wild banana from China which is an important staple for wild Asian elephants. The seed bank, which aims to collect and store a quarter of the world's plant species by 2020 to support conservation and safeguard biodiversity. The bank is the largest wild seed bank in the world and holds 3.5 billion seeds from around the world in its vaults, which are kept at minus 20 degrees Celsius, to preserve them for hundreds of years. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

Did you know that September is National Indoor Plant Month?

My roommate and I have a few plants (most of them hers), and we always joke that we can’t keep any of them alive. But I do love the way plants add to a room, and make it feel more peaceful.

If you want to celebrate national indoor plant month by refreshing your home with some new plants, you could get one of these plants. E-conolight just ranked the most popular indoor plants in NC and this is what they found:

Top Searched Houseplant- 1 Year

#1 Aloe Vera (15 states)

#2 Common Ivy (8 states)

#3 African Violets (6 states)

#4 Basil and Dracaena (tie with 3 states each)


Top Searched Houseplant- 5 Years

#1 Aloe Vera (14 states)

#2 Chinese evergreen (7 states)

#3 Common ivy and Majestic Palm (tie with 4 states each)

#4 Basil (3 states)

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