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BARCELONA, SPAIN - MARCH 07: Marta is wearing a Gerry jacket, H&M sweater, Silvian Heach blouse, Zara skirt, Calcedonia socks, Camila shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Gabol bag pack, vintage jewelry and Fujifilm digital camera at the Palo Alto Market on March 7, 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Miquel Benitez/Getty Images)

Many people’s jobs have changed quite a bit since quarantine started. And I can’t think of a job more affected, and seemingly halted than a traveling photographer.

That’s exactly what happened to Los Angeles-based photographer, Erin Sullivan. Like many of us, she is stuck at home because of the coronavirus, but instead of wasting her days binging everything on Netflix (like me), she is finding ways to get creative with her photography skills.

Erin has been setting up little amazing vacation scenes with household items, and mini figurines in her home and the pictures have gone viral Just check out some of the ones she has posted, and you’ll see why!


Another exploration of the Watermelon World for @vinylmoonco. ✧ Since diversity is on everyone's minds right now, I wanna talk a bit about that within this project. If you do a quick search online for model train figures, you will find that the OVERWHELMING majority of the figures are white. Like zero ambiguity. More than 95% of what most model train brands offer are fair-skinned figures. ✧ There are probably plenty of reasons for this homogeneity, obviously the biggest one being that whiteness has been centered here for hundreds of years. But I just want to use it as an example. That our "diversity" efforts must extend all the way to these tiny figures-- they must extend e v e r y where. So that inclusivity gets all the way to the details. So that people aren't subliminally told that they don't matter anymore. So that people can see THEMSELVES when they want to do a simple art project on some rainy Tuesday. ✧ Working in the outdoor, travel, and photography industries, when I as a white woman have inquired about seeking more diversity in front of and behind the camera & microphone, I have heard: "We just don't know anyone." "They just aren't out there!" "The majority of ______ are white, that's not our fault." This is straight up lazy. But now that many have been forced to talk the talk, I look forward to being a squeaky wheel asking how they are walking the walk (and that includes looking at myself & my photography business!). ✧ In the case of these figures, I use Photoshop to adjust skin tones. I am working on portraying different body types & disabilities as well, but haven't gotten there yet. If anybody has requests for what you would like to see, please let me know. ✧ I forgot to take a BTS photo of this set, whoops. The "water" is super thinly sliced watermelon. Everything else is kinda obvious. Love you all. #ErinsGreatIndoors #OurGreatIndoors

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