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The new normal has become the wearing mask. Some cities and states are even making it a requirement to wear masks out in public. I’ve been wearing masks for a few months now, and at first, it was just frustrating getting used to wearing one… but now I have another bone to pick…


Anyone else noticing their skin being irritated, and acne popping up around the area you’re wearing a mask?

Here are some tips from dermatologists on ways to try to prevent acne from face masks:

  • ┬áConsider your type of mask

    • 100% cotton is your best bet!
  • Simplify your skincare routine.

    • Use gentle, nonsoap cleaner, and mild/ fragrance-free moisturizers.
  • Take a break from make-up

  • Wash your face

    • Now that it’s summer, you’ll probably be sweating after going out. If you have sweat under your mask, when you get home, make sure to wash your face.