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(Photo by Chloe Rice/Disney Parks via Getty Images)

Carowinds has big plans for the next year!

Carowinds has a lot in store for us in 2020. Not only did they announce they will be adding a new water slide; they also announced they will have a festival next year too!

Here’s the details…


The Grand Carnivale international festival will debut in June 2020 at Carowinds. The press release stated that it will be a nightly street party that celebrates,  “global culture in a grand scale.” They will have signature beverages and a special menu, and each night there will be a parade called the “Spectacle of Color.” The festival will run from June 13 until July 5, 2020.



The ride will be called the “Boogie Board Racer” and is spposed to be the longest mat racing slide in the Southeast. Racers will ride boogie boards through tubes, high-speed chutes and a 360-degree loop on the mat racing water slide… Sounds fun! It will debut at Carowind’s Carolina Harbor waterpark in Summer 2020.