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Looking to be a little more original with you Valentine’s Day gift this year? I got you covered.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re stumped on what you want to get for your special someone this year; here are some ideas to help.


For the gamer:

A Chocolate Game Controller 


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..and another cute chocolate ????????????

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For the wine lover:

Aldi’s Chocolate Wine

For the artist

A portrait drawing of your family from Etsy


For the beer lover:

Home Brewing Kit


For the sentimental mom:

Birthstone jewelry

For the person with the sweet tooth:

A candy bouquet


For the person who likes grand gestures:

A “Reasons I Love You” Jar

Or you can do it on a mirror…

For the smoker:

An engraved lighter


Of course, the classic’s like a card, chocolate, and flowers are always a face bet too. Whatever you choose to do for Valentine’s Day this year, here’s to hoping it’s the best one yet!