This is the literal definition of stumbling upon something. I was searching Getty Images as I do daily, this time for a photo of a jellyfish. Well in searching for the perfect image I somehow ran across some terrifying photos. It was of individuals wearing colorful masks while swimming in the ocean. I did as one does, and clicked on the image to read the caption. Apparently, the masks are called the Facekini and were incredibly popular in China back in 2014.

The caption goes on to detail that they are designed to protect against the sun and jellyfish stings. Hence why they showed up in my search. Still startled and confused by this discovery, I proceeded to text a friend of mine who actually spent some time working in the area around that time. Her response? She had heard of this garment but had never actually seen one. Well, she has now! Listen I’m all about sun protection and don’t spend enough time in the ocean to be overly concerned about jellyfish stings. So I think I will stick with some tinted face sunscreen and a hat. I would be absolutely terrified if I came across someone wearing a Facekini on the beach. Thankfully this trend seems to have skipped over the United States.

The masks look essentially like spandex ski masks with seemingly smaller eye, nose, and mouth openings. They are also bright colors. I think that’s what makes them look so creepy. I understand it’s a different culture and I mean no disrespect in any way. That being said, as someone not immersed in this culture, it comes off as startling. I’m not sure what I would think if I unknowingly saw someone wearing one on a beach. There really is no describing this in a way that you can truly understand. So therefore I present to you images of the Facekini.

North Carolina Beach One Of 11 US Beaches To Add To Your Bucket List

With beaches up and down both coasts, the United States is full of wonderful beaches. The extensive coastlines give us beaches with a wide variety of landscapes, scenery, culture, and climate each unique in its own way. And while it can be easy to think of that dream beach vacation as somewhere in a far-off land, it may be a lot closer than you think. While there are stunning beaches in the Caribbean, Europe, and (my dream vacation) the South Pacific there are some incredible places to explore in the US. So before you finish your beach bucket list you may want to rethink it.

The United States’ 95,471 miles of coastline is brimming with sun, sand, and sea. This coastline offers breathtaking beaches for relaxation, adventure, or both. From quaint seaside towns to beaches bustling with shopping, dining, and entertaining attractions, and oceanfront parks that will leave you immersed in nature. The following list of the top US beaches features both coasts, north and south, and one island state. Yeah, you know the one. But the coolest part? It includes a North Carolina spot as well. Pretty awesome to see our state shouted out on a national stage for its beaches! Is that one on your beach bucket list? Glad our country has somewhere special for every kind of beach bum.

This list comes from  and is titled “11 Top Beaches In The U.S. To Add To Your Bucket List”. And now I will be planning a trip for next weekend!