If you are anything like me, then Black Friday shopping is something you look forward to every year. Although things are still a bit wild and crazy at some stores, things have calmed down over the years for sure. I remember I use to camp outside of stores with family when I was younger and it seemed like such a game to me. I probably would never do that again since many deals start earlier and last longer. So, now I just shop reasonably without all of the chaos. But, it does not hurt to properly plan how to go about Black Friday and prepare for all of the potential deals this year.

CNET released an article to help share tips and things to do to help you prepare for all of your Black Friday shopping. It’s the biggest shopping event of the year and all that you can do is properly plan so that you can spend the right amount and get all the deals you can! Some of these tips are pretty straightforward, but it never hurts to plan what you need in advance and get the best bang for your buck. Check out what CNET says are the best ways to prepare for this year’s Black Friday craze.

  • Set a budget and put money aside
  • Decide what you want to buy and check the prices now
  • Check out all of the Black Friday ads in advance
  • Shop early sales now or plan for shipping delays
  • Compare prices

Check out the full article here and see what more you could be doing to prepare for your Black Friday holiday.