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Holy Cow! If you are pregnant run, walk or waddle your way to South Park because Destination Maternity is going out of business and the sales are crazy good!

Yesterday, around noon I got a call from another pregnant girlfriend who delivered the news that the pregnancy store was closing 183 stores nationwide and that they had filed for chapter 11! More than that, she told me that our local Destination would only be open for another 11 days. She did, however, deliver some good news too. Apparently there was still a ton of great finds left and some amazing prices to go with them.

Of course, I high tailed it over to South Park as soon as I heard the news and I can confirm that indeed there are some AMAZING items left! ┬áIn fact, the sales were so good that it started a quarl between myself and my husband. I came home with $1000 worth of clothes for $300! Of course, Dallas didn’t believe me and demanded to see the receipt. I laughed as I handed him my CVS sized receipt and promptly accepted his quick apology.