Appetizing cheeseburger on wooden table. Flat lay. Food photography

I asked around the room here at the office. I’m not talking about the fancy stuff but other than barbecue or fried fish what is your favorite meal?  Their answer was a delicious mouth-watering cheeseburger.  Oh yeah, talking my language. Here are the top mouth-watering burger places in North Carolina.

I checked in with the experts, Only In Your State, to see if they had the same question.  Where can you find the top ten best mouth-watering burger places in North Carolina? Their survey includes an iconic burger place right here in Charlotte.  And it came pretty high on the list.

Coming in at number two on the top ten list is Brooks Sandwich House in Charlotte, North Carolina.  There you will find no frills and no-nonsense mouth-watering food.  I hear their cheeseburger topped with bacon or chili is the bomb.  Do kids still say “the bomb”?  I still do! Can you believe I have lived around here all my life and I have never been there?  Going today.

Now, I have been to Beaches Burgers in Ocean Isle. It makes the top ten mouth-watering burger places in North Carolina.  My sister lives near there and recommended it to me last summer.  Delicious!! Again, a very no-nonsense establishment that just makes great burgers.

Now this isn’t in North Carolina but I love the burgers at Eagles Nest in Clover, South Carolina. For more on the top ten mouth-watering burger places in North Carolina get the whole list in Only In Your State right here.