The holidays are upon us and it is time to prepare for any guests you might have staying with you soon. Of course, every good gathering needs a charcuterie board. So, how do you create the perfect one?

Food stylist from British Columbia Lisa Dawn Bolton gave The Star some of her best tips for making the charcuterie board of your dreams.

  1. Be creative with your surface. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a typical wooden board or marble slab. Bolton suggests using a lazy Susan, butcher paper, or even a napkin-lined vintage picture frame.

  2. Pick a star ingredient. This is the focal point of the board. This item could be a really flavorful cheese or a dip. Any item you choose must be what you work around for the rest of the board. Bolton says to use more plain or subtle flavors to accent this focal piece. Complimenting flavors must not be too overpowering.

  3. Balance your flavors. Bolton says the goal of a charcuterie board should be to let people create their perfect bite. She says you can set this up perfectly for them by featuring something of each type of these 6 flavors: creamy, fresh, briny, sweet, fatty, and crunchy.

  4. Don’t cut up your cheeses. Keeping your cheeses mostly whole preserves the flavor longer. Bolton says to encourage others to cut their own cheese portions by slicing one or two slices to get it started.

  5. Have variety with the spread design. Bolton says to start with your biggest item and then organize in a blocky style. Be mindful of colors. Add taller items to give the board a variety of heights.

  6. Dress up the table that you are placing the charcuterie board on. Use fun garnishes like rosemary or blueberries, and maybe add some toothpicks. For the holidays, of course, use garland and ornaments or any other festive decor you enjoy.

What is your #1 ‘go-to’ food or beverage when entertaining guests?

Source: The Star

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